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Physical Activity

Physical activity is one of the best primary preventers of disease and ill-health ie. it prevents disease or injury before it has a chance to occur. A good example could be the use of vaccinations to protect against a disease or virus. Research has proven that just because you are healthy today, doesn’t mean you should sit back and relax and only consider doing physical activity once you have a problem. Studies have proven that physical activity can prevent the risk of disease in more than 13 different conditions, so why wait, let’s get going now. The benefits of physical activity for healthy people include: Improved mood and mental health: Physical activity changes hormones in the brain and increases a release of endorphins (the happy hormones) and reduces cortisol levels (stress hormones). In addition, physical activity has been proven to reduce the risk of developing depression and been helpful in managing depression. People who are more active also have a lower chance of reaching burnout and are better at managing stress levels. With more activity you are able to get fitter and stronger.

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