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Gluteal Tendinopathy

Gluteal Tendinopathy is a Common cause of pain on outside of hip/buttock and can sometimes radiate down the outside of the leg to the knee, or through the buttock towards the upper back. 

Activities such as getting out of chairs, climbing stairs, laying on that side, crossing legs or even just walking can be painful.


Potential Causes

Putting too much force on your tendons during physical activities (overuse).

Tendon compression due to a fall or another type of accident.

Inactivity or a sedentary lifestyle (underuse).

Wide pelvis or hip instability.

Repetitive habits such as crossing legs, hanging on one hip when standing

More common in women over the age of 40


What can I do about it?


The best approach to treating this condition is with a course of exercises to strengthen the area and advice on limiting/addressing possible predisposing factors.

About half of people with gluteal tendinopathy will get better without treatment — but symptom relief may take up to a year. That’s a long time to live with hip pain, especially when 7 out of 10 people with the condition see significant improvements with eight weeks of physical therapy exercises


Treatment approaches:

Avoid compressing the tendon such as lying on it, sitting cross legged, hanging on one hip when standing.

Progressive pain free exercises to load and strengthen the tendon as advised by your therapists.

Some examples are:

Hip Abduction isometric


Image result for hip abduction isometric



Image result for supine bridge exercise




Image result for clamshell exercise


We recommend that advice is taken before starting a course of any exercise in order to get an accurate diagnosis and advice on appropriate treatment plan

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