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Sports Injuries

Whilst there are many health benefits from keeping active, occasionally injuries can occur. Whether this is from an impact injury in contact sports or from an overuse, lack of physical conditioning/preparation, it is important to get advice on the management. Roy Knightbridge has been away recently in his role as consultant osteopath on the DP World Golf Tour as part of the European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI)

Chronic plantar heel pain (CPHP) is pain under the front of the heel bone (calcaneus). It is said to account for about 1% of all orthopaedic referrals, and occurs in up to 7% of the adult population in general. In runners, the incidence is slightly higher, with about 10% affected.

Passive treatments for chronic heel pain include taping, manual treatments (such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and self-massage) and foot supports.

Exercise therapy involves stretching the PF and strengthening the surrounding musculature. Exercises to progressively load the plantar fascia have been found to be beneficial.

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