Chronic Pain

f you suffer from chronic pain, you’ve probably at some point been told that you’re supposed to stay as active as possible. However the thought probably makes you cringe, especially when sometimes, just getting through the day at home or work is hard enough. This is where a physical therapist can help. They can give you a personalised strengthening and exercise plan, and help you learn how to manage your daily life and reduce pain through certain treatments. Physical therapy treatments can come
in many forms, and sometimes more than one treatment may be needed. Pain is as unique as the people who it affects and successful treatment is all about tailoring a solution to your individual situation, pain type and patterns.


Physical therapy includes both passive and active treatments. Passive treatments help to relax you and your body, and are
called ‘passive’ because you don’t have to actively participate. Your physical therapy programme may start with passive treatments, or they may be used during bad flare-ups, but the real goal is to get into active treatments. These are therapeutic exercises that strengthen your body and help you deal with the chronic pain, ultimately giving you more confidence & independence

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